About Us


Barbara Riegel, PhD, RN, FAAN, FAHA
Primary Investigator

Joyce Wald, D.O.

Gladys Thomas
Project Manager

Deb Gordan, MSS LCSW
Clinical Support Specialist

Miatta Goba
Research Coordinator

Jenna Garo, BSN RN
Research Assistant

Austin Matus, BSN RN
PhD Student @ Penn
Research Assistant

• Feeling Stressed or Having Difficulty Coping?

• Caregiving for loved ones with Heart Failure is demanding and stressful!

• Our project is designed to encourage caregivers to improve their self-care and decrease their stress.

• Learn more about participating in a virtual health coaching intervention and support that provides access to health information resources.

• We are enrolling 250 informal caregivers of patients with heart failure within the University of Pennsylvania Health System.

• These caregivers include friends, spouses, children, etc. Patients are also eligible to join along with their caregiver.

• Completion of screening and enrollment process done virtually, over the phone

• Random Assignment to intervention group:
(Health Information) or (Health Information + Health Coaching)

• 10 virtual health coach sessions (Health Coaching group.)

• Brief follow-up surveys at 3,6,9,12 months

• Caregivers will receive a total of $200 on a ClinCard;

• $25 at completion of enrollment,

• $25 for completion of each follow-up (3,6, and 9 months)

• $100 for completion of 12-month follow-up